Relevance AI integration for Make

Connect Relevance AI with thousands of the other apps, with this Make integration, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

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Beginners and experts use Relevance AI to build and deploy AI apps & agents to assist you in completing mundane and repetitive tasks— No coding required.

Here are some example workflows using Relevance AI!

1. Automated Lead Enrichment and Scoring Instantly enhance your CRM data with enriched information for each lead generated through form responses.

  • Trigger: New Form Submission
  • Actions:
    • Run Lead Enrichment & Scoring Tools on Form data in Relevance AI
    • Create/Update the Contact in your CRM

2. Personalized Sales Outreach Creator Streamline your sales engagement process by automatically generating personalized emails or call scripts for each prospective customer

  • Trigger: New Prospect tagged in CRM
  • Actions:
    • Run Sales Agent trained in Relevance AI
      • Lookup Contact Info in CRM
      • Lookup Internal Sales Knowledge Docs
      • Research latest posts/company or industry news
      • Draft Cold Outreach Email

3. Customer Support Enhancement Improve your customer support by automating responses to common queries received via email or Chatbot.

  • Trigger: New Customer Message in Email/Chat Client
  • Actions:
    • Run Customer Support Agent in Relevance AI
      • Lookup answer to request in Internal Support Knowledge Docs
      • Draft Message reply in Email/Chat

4. Job Application Screening Automate the screening process of job applications against job descriptions to find the most suitable candidates.

  • Trigger: New Job Application Submitted
  • Actions:
    • Run Recruiter Agent in Relevance AI
      • Extract PDF Resume contents
      • Analyse & score application against Job Description
      • Update ATS Notes with Recommendation

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