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Here are our favorite five quick-win automations using (formerly Integromat) and the deel. app:

  1. Send Slack channel messages for new PTO requests in Deel: Automate your team's communication by setting up a scenario where each new Paid Time Off (PTO) request submitted through Deel triggers an automatic notification in a designated Slack channel. This keeps everyone informed and can prompt immediate action or acknowledgment, making the process transparent and efficient.
  2. Create Asana tasks from new Deel contracts: For project managers, having a new task in Asana automatically created when a new contract is issued in Deel can be a game-changer. This ensures that each new contract is immediately followed up with the necessary project steps or checklists, helping to keep your projects in sync with your contractual commitments.
  3. Update Airtable databases with new changes to contracts' status in Deel: If your team uses Airtable to track contracts and their statuses, automating the update process each time a contract's status changes in Deel can save a significant amount of time. This ensures that your database always reflects the most current information without the need for manual entry.
  4. Create Trello cards for new contracts in Deel: Trello users can benefit from an automation that creates a new card for each new contract in Deel. This can help with tracking progress, assigning team members to new contracts, or simply organizing contracts into different stages of completion.
  5. Create Deel timesheets from new time entries in Clockify: For teams using Clockify to track time, setting up an automation that creates corresponding timesheets in Deel can streamline payroll and billing processes. As soon as a new time entry is logged in Clockify, a Deel timesheet is created, ensuring accurate and timely recording of all billable hours.

These "quick-win" automations might inspire you to think about how you can utilize to connect deel. with your favorite tools, improving efficiency and reducing manual workload across various business functions.

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