"You do not rise to the level of your goals.
You fall to the level of your systems."

James Clear
Author of Atomic Habits

Breaking the cycle.
The Real ROI of Automation


Automation is a high-return investment. Businesses leveraging automation report significant savings in operations expenses, always outweighing the outlay. At Synergetic, we offer a variety of products & services tailored to every budget from plug & play automation, to custom projects.


Modern automation integration is designed to be seamless and non-disruptive. We work with you to plug your existing systems together, and run new systems parallel to ensure there's no downtime or disruption to your business growth.

High Yield

The ROI of automation isn’t just visible, it’s transformative. Companies adopting automation see dramatic improvements in efficiency, error reduction, and employee productivity, leading to a direct and substantial impact on their bottom line. Like compound interest, the earlier your begin the greater your return. That's why we offer a 30-minute FREE consultation to help you identify your highest ROI automation opportunities.


Automation does't have to be complex. Rather, with advanced technologies and expert guidance Automation can simplify and smooth your operations and tech infrastructure by giving the complexity back to the computer. We're the first fully accredited Make Partner Agency, and can offer training and technology you need to K.I.S.S.


Businesses love automation once they see it in action. It frees them from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative and impactful work, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

Our Client's Voices: Real Results

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Synergetic's expertise was pivotal in the development of our enterprise-level Al tool. They didn't just solve our initial challenge; they improved our entire process. Their innovative approach has enabled our system to operate seamlessly on auto-pilot, marking a significant game-changer for our business. Synergetic's contributions have been invaluable and have set a new standard for excellence in our operations and we look foward to working with them again in the future.

Saul Katz
Founder of StudioSK

Solutions for all shapes & sizes

Apps & Integrations

Solo Operator or Entrepreneur looking for affordable automation? Our plug-and-play integrations for Make offer DIY automation, optimizing your favorite apps easily and cost-effectively.

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Workflow Automation Service

No time for DIY? Let us help you. Our custom automation design and development service streamlines your processes, offering expertly crafted, multi-team workflows for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Dashboard Design and Data Insights

Need to visualise your data or share views for end users? We can build clean, realtime interfaces ontop of your operations so you can understand, monitor, report, and run workflows across multiple teams, end users, and customers. Our design experts put the humans-in-the-loop of your data, and automations first

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Custom App Development

Missing your favourite app to automate? Whether you're a software company looking to integrate your app or user looking for custom actions, we specialize in turning APIs into accessible, automatable apps in Make.

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Make Certified

Synergetic is the world's first fully accredited Make partners.

This involved an extended review process where Make's employees reviewed our integration processes, case studies and customer references.

By working with Synergetic, you can be confident you're working with a team of expert Make integration developers.

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Limitless Integrations

From Airtable to Zapier, if you use it, it's likely we've automated it. Not only are we the leading Make App Building Agency with 20+ custom integrations and counting, our automation experts know a wide array of tools already, so we can plug-and-play directly within your existing systems without the hassle of learning a new tool.

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Our Latest Make Apps

Here are just a few of the integration products we've completed for world-leading companies. When you engage Synergetic, we'll identify the best way to connect your apps and then build a custom solution.


Create sales funnels, send marketing emails, build websites, manage affiliates, and more.

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Bland AI

Build, Test & Scale AI Phone Agents. Send or receive millions of phone calls per day, using programmable voice agents that sound and feel human.

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Perplexity AI

An AI-powered search engine that provides direct answers to queries using natural language predictive text.

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