Bloomerang integration for Make

Connect Bloomerang with thousands of the other apps, with this Make integration, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

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Here are our favorite five quick-win automations using Bloomerang and

  1. Automated Donation Updates : Simplify your donation management by automating the process of creating donations and updating constituents in Bloomerang from new successful sales in PayPal. This allows your organization to keep track of all donations automatically, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  2. Task Creation from Transactions : Streamline your tasks by creating them directly from new transactions in Bloomerang. This means every time a transaction occurs, a new task will be automatically generated, keeping everyone in the loop and improving efficiency.
  3. Automated Event Registration Interactions : Enhance your event management by automatically creating interactions in Bloomerang when new attendees register in Eventbrite. This ensures seamless coordination between your event and donor management.
  4. Transaction Notifications via Gmail : Improve communication and stay up-to-date by sending new transaction notifications in Bloomerang through Gmail. This automation ensures all important stakeholders are notified immediately when a transaction occurs.
  5. Recurring Payment Confirmations via Gmail : Build trust and transparency with your donors by emailing recurring payment confirmations in Bloomerang through Gmail. This automation not only keeps your donors informed but also saves time spent on manual confirmations.

By leveraging these quick-win automations, you can enhance efficiency, improve communication, and ultimately drive more value for your organization using the Bloomerang app on

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