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In the digital age, your web software isn't just a product; it's a pivotal part of your customers' success. At Synergetic, we understand the power of integration and automation. That's why we offer an unparalleled service that transforms your software into an automation powerhouse on the leading iPaaS.


Leverage your API and get your app listed in a marketplace of 2M SaaS users from around the world. Sit alongside, and reach audiences, from names like Notion, Hubspot, Stripe, and 1,500 others to generate leads.


Users love Make, and you'll benefit from their feeling of accomplishment and efficiency. Make likes to say that they give their users internet superpowers, and we agree!


Make interoperability your differentiator. Enable your customers to embed themselves and build deep workflows they depend on, to make for a stickier product or upsell opportunity.


You don't need to build it all yourself. Lean on third-party integrations to fulfil your customer requests, and let them build their dream workflows while you focus on your core offering. Leverage rich integration insights to build innovative new features, and partnerships.

Independent Software Vendors with Make apps find that their customers build deeper and wider API integrations, more quickly, with a lower risk of churn and with greater MRR


Rapid, Quality Development

Stop wrestling with Make's intricate custom app development, and free up your team to focus on your core offering. Use our experts, with 35+ custom apps under their belt, to bring the best practices to your build and speed your integration to market—ensuring it's not just fast, but scalable and reliable too.

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5-day delivery
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Dedicated Support Team

We'll equip you and your team with the everyday essentials you need to support your customers; but also offer ourselves as a specialist solution you point to for complex automation/integration cases, or bespoke workflow build requests. Think of us an automation arm of your growing company.

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Co-Marketing Partnership

Your success, is our success. Not only will we build your app, we'll build your listing profile in a way that's optimised for visibility and credibility, winning you access to new markets, and networking opportunities for you to enhance your product offerings.

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We'll get busy building out the triggers, actions, and assets the marketplace, and your customers will love.

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When the app is extensively tested, fully functional and approved, we'll install it on your account, handover the full source code, help docs, and marketing materials to make your integration as successful as possible.

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