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Connect Readwise with thousands of the other apps, with this Make integration, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

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Beginners and experts use Readwise to retain more of what they read by capture, annotating, reviewing, and integrating their knowledge across various different platforms.

Here are some example workflows using Readwise:

1. Streamline Research & Note taking:

Automatically sync all your highlights, notes, and artciles and more to your knowledge management system e.g. Evernote, Notion etc so you can review, reference and expand on your reading all in one place

Trigger: New Document or Highlight in Readwise

Actions: Create a new record in Notion/Evernote

2. Share your Insights

Create a weekly inspiration feed from your favourite highlights, articles, videos, and more to share with your chosen social/community platform e.g. Twitter, Slack, skool, etc

Trigger: Daily Schedule

Actions: Get the latest highlight/document, and post it to Twitter/Slack/skool

3. Turn Insights into Action

Convert your highlights, and reading materials into tasks to complete in your favourite project management tools e.g. Trello, Todoist, to stay accountable to your learning and keep productive.

Trigger: Watch New Documents with tag

Actions: Generate a task name from the highlight using OpenAI, and then create the task in Todoist/Trello

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