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Here are our five favorite quick-win automations that you could set up to inspire others to streamline their workflows:

  1. Automated Meeting Summaries Distribution:
    Trigger: The end of a meeting is detected in your calendar.
    Action: automatically generates a meeting summary and transcript.
    Further Action: sends the summary and transcript to all participants via email or a preferred communication platform like Slack or Microsoft Teams.
    Benefit: Ensures that every participant receives the meeting insights promptly without manual intervention.
  2. Post-Meeting Action Item Tracker:
    Trigger: identifies action items and key questions in the meeting summary.
    Action: creates tasks in a project management tool like Trello, Asana, or JIRA for each action item.
    Benefit: Converts discussions into actionable tasks automatically, helping teams stay on top of their commitments.
  3. Meeting Highlights Reel for Social Media:
    Trigger: highlights impactful moments in a meeting.
    Action: compiles these moments into a short video.
    Further Action: posts the video to company social media profiles or internal communication channels.
    Benefit: Engages a wider audience with the key moments from important meetings, great for PR and internal knowledge sharing.
  4. Personalized Meeting Analytics Reports:
    Trigger:'s dashboard updates with new analytics and trends over time.
    Action: generates a personalized report based on these insights.
    Further Action: sends this report to team leads or individuals to review their meeting engagement and performance.
    Benefit: Helps individuals and teams to continuously improve their meeting efficacy based on data.
  5. Pre-Meeting Preparation Assistant:
    Trigger: A scheduled meeting is approaching.
    Action:'s Smart Scheduler suggests an optimal meeting time.
    Further Action: sends reminder emails with personalized preparation materials, like previous meeting summaries or relevant documents, to all participants.
    Benefit: Ensures every participant comes prepared, maximizing the meeting's value.

These automations not only save time but also enhance the overall meeting experience, ensuring that the focus can be on the discussion rather than the administrative tasks that come after. By integrating with, teams can access a new level of efficiency, allowing them to concentrate on the work that matters most.

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