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Here are five quick-win automations using that can inspire others to automate their workflows while leveraging the OpenPhone app's triggers:

  1. Sync OpenPhone Call Recordings to Google Sheets:
    Automate the process of logging call details by syncing OpenPhone call recordings to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Each time a call is recorded in OpenPhone, the recording, along with call details such as the caller's number, call duration, and timestamp, can automatically be added as a new row in Google Sheets. This is useful for record-keeping, performance analysis, and ensuring compliance where necessary.
  2. Create Tasks for Missed Calls in Project Management Tools:
    For every missed call on OpenPhone, automatically create a task in project management tools like ClickUp, Trello, or Asana. This ensures no call goes unnoticed and follow-ups can be scheduled. Filters can be used to categorize the tasks based on the caller's information or the urgency inferred from the call's context.
  3. Store Call Recordings in Cloud Storage:
    After each call ends, the call recording can be automatically uploaded to cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. This helps in maintaining a centralized repository of call recordings that can be accessed by team members from anywhere, aiding collaboration and ensuring that important call information is backed up and secure.
  4. Log Incoming Call Data in CRM Systems:
    Integrate OpenPhone with CRM systems such as Airtable or HubSpot. Whenever a new inbound call is received, relevant details can be logged into the CRM. This can include the caller's phone number, call duration, and any notes taken during the call. While OpenPhone doesn't add contacts, the information can be used to enrich existing contact records or for reference during sales and support activities.
  5. Transfer Call Recordings to Note-Taking Apps:
    Connect OpenPhone with note-taking and collaboration tools like Evernote or Notion. Every time a new call recording is available, it can be transferred into a designated notebook or database. This can be particularly useful for teams that need to collaborate on call follow-ups, share insights, or maintain thorough documentation of customer interactions.

These automations focus on leveraging OpenPhone's triggers to streamline data logging, task management, and record-keeping without directly sending messages or adding new contacts. By automating these workflows, businesses can save time, reduce manual entry errors, and ensure that important call information is systematically organized and available when needed.

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