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Here are our five "quick-win" automations using Make.com with your Lemon Squeezy that are easy to implement and can help you to streamline your processes:

  1. E-commerce to Email Marketing Integration
    Automate the process of growing your email list by connecting Lemon Squeezy with Mailchimp. Whenever a new order is placed, the customer's email and other relevant information can be automatically added or updated in your Mailchimp subscriber list. This ensures your marketing campaigns are targeting recent customers, which can increase repeat purchases.
  2. Instant Team Notifications for New Orders
    Keep your team in the loop with real-time notifications. By connecting Lemon Squeezy to Slack, you can send automated messages to a specific channel whenever a new order is received. This keeps the team informed and can be especially useful for customer service or fulfillment teams that need to act quickly on new orders.
  3. Automated Subscription Payment Failure Alerts
    It's crucial to address failed subscription payments promptly. Set up an automation that triggers an email through Gmail to the customer whenever a subscription payment fails in Lemon Squeezy. This email can include instructions on how to update payment information to reduce involuntary churn and maintain a steady revenue flow.
  4. Order-Driven Calendar Scheduling
    For businesses that need to schedule events or tasks based on new orders, integrating Lemon Squeezy with Google Calendar can be very beneficial. Automatically create a calendar event for new orders to ensure that any necessary follow-up actions, like shipping or personal outreach, are scheduled and not missed.
  5. Customer Support for Subscription Cancellations
    When a subscription is canceled in Lemon Squeezy, it may be an opportunity to engage the customer and potentially retain them. By connecting Lemon Squeezy to Help Scout, you can automatically create a conversation for each canceled subscription. This allows your customer support team to reach out and address any issues that may have led to the cancellation.

Implementing these automations through Make.com provides your businesses with immediate efficiency gains, reduces the chance for human error, and allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks that require human attention. These "quick-win" automations are designed to be straightforward to set up and start delivering benefits right away.

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