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Here are five quick-win automations that utilize Make.com and Kajabi to streamline your workflow and inspire others to leverage the power of automation:

Course Enrollment Confirmation and Welcome Sequence:
Trigger: A new user purchases a course on Kajabi.
Action: Make.com detects the new purchase and triggers a confirmation email.
Further Action: An automated welcome email sequence is initiated, offering guidance on how to start the course effectively.
Benefit: Provides immediate engagement with new students, enhancing their learning experience from the start.

Lead Capture Follow-Up:
Trigger: A potential customer submits a form on Kajabi.
Action: Make.com captures the form submission instantly.
Further Action: A personalized follow-up email is sent to the prospect, offering additional resources or scheduling a consultation call.
Benefit: Accelerates the lead nurturing process, increasing the chances of conversion.

Membership Renewal Reminder System:
Trigger: A membership renewal date is approaching.
Action: Make.com tracks membership dates from Kajabi data.
Further Action: An automated reminder email sequence is sent to members, prompting them to renew their subscription.
Benefit: Reduces churn rate by reminding members of the value they receive and the need to renew their membership.

Content Release Announcement:
Trigger: New content or a course module is released in Kajabi.
Action: Make.com identifies the new release.
Further Action: An announcement email or notification is sent to all relevant users, informing them of the new content available.
Benefit: Keeps the community engaged and excited about ongoing learning opportunities and content updates.

Access Management for Special Promotions:
Trigger: A special promotion or limited-time offer is purchased in Kajabi.
Action: The purchase is recognized by Make.com.
Further Action: Access to the promotional content or offer is automatically granted to the purchaser, and access is revoked when the promotion ends.
Benefit: Streamlines the promotion management process, ensuring customers have the right access at the right time and simplifying the administrative workload.

By implementing these automations with Kajabi, businesses can vastly increase efficiency, minimize manual mishaps, and significantly improve student and member experiences. Additionally, integrating with Make.com's robust automation capabilities ensures a seamless, cost-efficient approach while maintaining a high level of precision and personalization within the automated workflows.

Do you want more action Modules for Kajabi?

"Add a Contact", "Update a Contact", "Add Tag to a Contact"?
We are happy to setup a process for you within Make, using Kajabi's internal API. Sadly, it's a bit more technical and the public Modules should only be using public, external APIs, that's why those modules are not included in the pre-built app.
Feel free to contact us at contact@go-synergetic.com

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