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Here are our favorite five quick-win automations using (formerly Integromat) and the app:

  1. Automated Job Posting on Multiple Platforms
    • Automation Description: As soon as a new job is created in the app, it can be automatically posted to 250+ job boards, including premium sites for increased visibility.
    • Benefits: Saves time by eliminating the need to manually post on each job board, ensures consistent job posting across multiple platforms, and expands reach to attract more candidates.
  2. New Candidate Notifications
    • Automation Description: When a candidate applies for a job through any of the job boards, the recruitment team can receive instant notifications via email, Slack, or their preferred communication tool.
    • Benefits: This allows for a timely response to candidates, improves candidate experience, and ensures no applicant slips through the cracks.
  3. Automated Candidate Screening and Sorting
    • Automation Description: Based on predefined criteria such as keywords, skills, or experience, candidates' applications can be sorted and categorized automatically in
    • Benefits: Streamlines the initial screening process, reducing the workload on HR and allowing them to focus on the most promising applicants sooner.
  4. Scheduled Reporting
    • Automation Description: Generate regular reports on recruitment metrics such as the number of applications received, the number of interviews scheduled, and the status of current job openings, and have them sent to the team or management at set intervals.
    • Benefits: Keeps everyone informed about the recruitment process progress, helps in making data-driven decisions, and reduces manual reporting tasks.
  5. Feedback Loop Automation
    • Automation Description: After a candidate interview, trigger a feedback form to the interviewers. Once completed, compile the feedback and update the candidate's status in accordingly.
    • Benefits: Ensures structured and timely collection of interview feedback, aids in making quicker hiring decisions, and maintains a high level of organization within the hiring process.

These automations can significantly enhance the efficiency of the recruitment process, allowing companies to hire top talent faster and with less effort. By integrating with, recruiters can create a seamless and highly responsive recruitment system that benefits both the company and the candidates.

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