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Beginners and experts use Heartbeat to instantly spin up a community on your own domain with threads, content, voice rooms, events, and more. To inspire others to leverage Heartbeat for automating their workflows, here are our favorite quick-win automations using Make.com.

1. Weekly Thread Creator Automatically generate new threads in your Heartbeat community each week to keep discussions fresh and engaging.

  • Trigger: Weekly Schedule
  • Actions: Create a new thread in Heartbeat. Insert a predefined or dynamically generated topic to encourage regular engagement from your community members.

2. New Member Email Onboarding Effortlessly add new Heartbeat users to your email marketing list for onboarding sequences, updates, or newsletters.

  • Trigger: New user joins community
  • Actions: Add the new Heartbeat member's email as a contact in your Email Marketing Platform e.g. Mailchimp, and enrol them in a welcome email series or newsletter subscription

3. Add New Members from Form Convert Forms submissions into Heartbeat user invitations, perfect for streamlining the adding and onboarding of users from surveys or application forms.

  • Trigger: Submission of a Form e.g. Google Forms, Typeform
  • Actions: Invite new user to Heartbeat using the extracted form information

4. Store Heartbeat Discussions as Airtable Records Archive and organize Heartbeat thread content in Airtable for content management, analysis, or compliance purposes.

  • Trigger: Creation of a new thread in Heartbeat.
  • Actions: Create a new record in an Airtable base with details from the Heartbeat thread, including title, content, and author information. This allows for easy tracking and analysis of community engagement.

These workflows are just a starting point. With Make.com and Heartbeat, the possibilities are endless, enabling you to create a tailored, automated environment that nurtures and grows your online community.

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