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UPDATE: We now support all the different Bland AI models, which means you can use the new TURBO model inside your workflows.


Using in conjunction with the Bland AI app, here are five favorite quick-win automations that can greatly enhance business productivity and customer engagement. These are designed to be simple to implement, providing immediate benefits to businesses of various sizes and industries.

  1. Appointment Reminder System
    • Workflow: Google Calendar + Bland AI
    • Details: Automate appointment reminders by integrating Bland AI with Google Calendar. When a new event is added to a specific calendar, Bland AI can send a personalized phone call to remind the client of their upcoming appointment. This helps reduce no-show rates and improves client satisfaction.
  2. Customer Feedback Collection
    • Workflow: E-commerce Platform (e.g., Shopify) + Bland AI
    • Details: After a customer completes a purchase, trigger an AI-powered phone call to gather feedback on their shopping experience. This data can be collected and analyzed to improve service and product offerings.
  3. Order Confirmation and Delivery Updates
    • Workflow: E-commerce Platform (e.g., WooCommerce) + Bland AI
    • Details: Keep customers informed by sending personalized AI phone calls to confirm orders and provide delivery status updates. This not only enhances customer trust but also reduces the volume of support calls asking for order statuses.
  4. Lead Qualification for Sales
    • Workflow: CRM (e.g., HubSpot) + Bland AI
    • Details: Connect Bland AI with your CRM to automate initial lead qualification calls. The AI can ask pre-determined questions to gauge interest and availability, then log responses directly in the CRM for sales teams to follow up with qualified leads.
  5. Multilingual Customer Support
    • Workflow: Support Ticketing System (e.g., Zendesk) + Bland AI
    • Details: When a support ticket is created by a non-English speaking customer, use Bland AI to make a follow-up call in the customer's preferred language. This ensures customers receive timely support and helps businesses cater to a diverse customer base.

These automations leverage the power of conversational AI to create more efficient, personalized, and engaging interactions with customers and leads. Implementing these workflows can save time, reduce human error, and provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior.

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